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 The school has been maintaining excellent performance in academic and non-academic areas for the last many years and is comparable to the very best anywhere in India. In the new and competitive world our emphasis is on quality and to achieve this we have to introduce the most modern educational technology in teaching, learning and in developing creativity with originality. All steps are taken to make teaching and learning an enjoyable activity in a total stress free atmosphere. As adroit teachers, we have to be exemplary and dedicated to our students. Every child should be able to savour the joy of self-achievement. It is imperative that the success of an institute not be measured by its academic success but also by the ability of the school to be a place for happy children. It is of paramount importance to ensure that pupils who have not been able to come up with equally competitive performance are not overshadowed or made to feel eclipsed. The children should grow up to be not only successful in their careers but also be compassionate and concerned citizens. Lets work together to make school life of our students deeply rewarding.  

  • With Best Wishes
  • K M Abdul Khader

Our Management


A sincere attempt has been made within the limited scope of a few pages of this website to furnish you with as much information about Ishaath Public School, a unit of Markaz Group of Schools. It is one of the leading institutions in Calicut. The overall administration of the school is run by a School Management Committee, a nominated body constituted by the authority.

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To facilitate the optimum flourish of the god given talents of the student community by providing incessant exposure to a variety of experiences which will effectively refine their spiritual, social, cultural, cognitive, emotional and psycho-motor domains.

Our Facilities

Obtrusively situated in the city center of Calicut in the heart of Poonoor town, Ishaath Public school is located on the shore of Poonoor river we provide the best educational facilities for our students.


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We know that the first few years are very crucial in a child’s life. These years set the tone for the entire academic life of the child. Bearing this in mind, the Kindergarten at our school is given utmost importance right from the stages of planning to implementation. A well-disciplined structured classroom is set up along with innovative methodologies and programs designed exclusively for the little ones at our school.We nurture the natural curiosity and joy for learning that young children possess, by providing a warm environment, active participation and learning for each child.


Elementary Education is the basis for the child’s future success. The Elementary School comprises of Grades I to IV and follows the thematic and inter-disciplinary approach in study and learning. The curriculum designed for Grades I to IV permits wide scope for children to explore their interests and develop abilities to promote creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self-reliance, tolerance and team work and to enable them to excel in the 21st century and learn strategies that will serve for a life time. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of each student and does not confine itself only to academics.


The Upper Primary comprises grades V to VIII and is not only a transition stage in the learner’s academic life, but also forms the foundation for the high school academic program of study. At Ishaath we believe that children must receive a thorough grounding of whatever concepts they learn and that this learning has to be integrated with life with the motto being maximum growth of each learner. It is important for the tutor of this level to make a note of the fact that Ishaath Public school has a self-designed curriculum which has evolved after years of research and expertise.


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