We know that the first few years are very crucial in a child’s life. These years set the tone for the entire academic life of the child. Bearing this in mind, the Kindergarten at our school is given utmost importance right from the stages of planning to implementation. A well-disciplined structured classroom is set up along with innovative methodologies and programs designed exclusively for the little ones at our school. We nurture the natural curiosity and joy for learning that young children possess, by providing a warm environment, active participation and learning for each child. The Kindergarten curriculum has been exclusively designed for Ishaath Public School and a lot of research goes into the design of this program to make it developmentally appropriate. We have separate block for kindergarten.


Elementary Education is the basis for the child’s future success. The Elementary School comprises of Grades I to IV and follows the thematic and inter-disciplinary approach in study and learning. The curriculum designed for Grades I to IV permits wide scope for children to explore their interests and develop abilities to promote creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self-reliance, tolerance and team work and to enable them to excel in the 21st century and learn strategies that will serve for a life time. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of each student and does not confine itself only to academics. Sports and other activities are also integrated in the curriculum.


The Upper Primary comprises grades V to VIII and is not only a transition stage in the learner’s academic life, but also forms the foundation for the high school academic program of study. At Ishaath we believe that children must receive a thorough grounding of whatever concepts they learn and that this learning has to be integrated with life with the motto being maximum growth of each learner. It is important for the tutor of this level to make a note of the fact that Ishaath Public school has a self-designed curriculum which has evolved after years of research and expertise. The program of study followed and designed for the Upper Primary School dovetails with what is expected as the entrance level pattern for a high school learner.


The senior section comprises grades IX to XII and is a crucial phase in the academic life of any learner. The Senior School’s aim is to provide the best possible education for all our students by recognizing the needs of individuals, placing suitably high demands on them and stimulating them to achieve success. Each student receives individual attention and guidance. From Classes IX to X, the student’s application to his or her work is assessed on a day-to-day basis through the class work, homework and project work assigned to him or her. His or her power of comprehension and assimilation is assessed through tests and examinations. Progress reports are sent to the parents periodically and parent teacher meetings called for after assessments. Obedience, reward and feedback are features of the teacher – pupil relationship; while conflict, even fear; are often accepted as part and parcel of the system. Thus children learn to deal with these emotions, making them strong and ready to face various situations in their lives to come. At the Higher Secondary level students enjoy freedom along with the benefits of the safe environs of school. Presently, we have the science stream with plans for opening Commerce and Humanities streams. At this level, too periodic assessments are made and parent-teacher interactions encouraged.